Event Horizon

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been reviewing some new up and coming artists so I hope I do this band justice. Their music speaks for itself though and I suggest you check them out regardless.

Event Horizon are a rock group hailing from New York and on a mission to unleash the ocean swelling from within you. They offer a fresh take on what to me sounds like slightly progressive, heavy classic 70s-80s rock and roll. Their singer also has this neat vibrato style to his already fairly high voice that reminds me of something along the lines of Circa Survive vocals.

The band just recently released an EP entitled Episode and contains four absolutely killer tracks. It opens up with “Rift” which to me is the best song of theirs. It rocks the most and to me, has the best message. The second track is called “Open and Emerge” and has a slightly ethereal, atmosphere sound with some ambient vocals intertwined throughout. Next is “Fluorescence,” a pop rock anthem and finally closes with “New Earth Army,” which is easily their heaviest song and has the one of the coolest bass lines and bass tones I’ve heard in a long time. It almost reminds me of bits of Tool, but then channels some Circa Survive again.

There’s a lot of good sounds coming from this band and I hear they are planning on entering the studio soon to record a full length release. I’ll be interested to hear the final tracks from that session and see how the band come into their own through the whole experience of recording. Although, the recording process is not foreign to this band. In addition to the aforementioned EP, the group also released a six-song EP titled Harbinger back in 2011, which is also worth checking out.

Really strong moments from a band still developing and honing in on their sound. I can’t wait to see this band mature into an unstoppable force. Check their music out at there band camp HERE.

Luke Helker


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