Survive This!: The Life That You’ve Chosen

This is a new post-hardcore group with no shortage of electronic influences currently sign dot Epitaph records. Hailing from Las Vegas, Survive This! on a mission to maintain their musical integrity with their own brand of pop-punk and electronic metal. There’s a lot of strong points within this debut album and a lot of things to enjoy. However, I can’t help but speculate the longevity of a band like this.

The album starts off strong with the title track, which has a huge pop punk chorus, but immediately breaks down into galloping verse surrounded by aggressive metal vocals, but again, returns to that opening chorus throughout the song with plenty of breakdowns in between.  Songs like “Where we Belong” open up with really upbeat synth leads, and then sound like a classic Blink-182 song with some metal vocals. I think it’s a pretty fresh interpretation of some music that’s already existed for quite some time, but still enjoyable.

To me, this band sounds like the lighter, pop-punk end of A Day to Remember, mixed with some of the hallmarks of classic 90s pop-punk group like Blink-182 or Fountains of Wayne. I think the real issue for a band like this is trying to appeal to the more thrashy end of the metal-fan spectrum. They’re really taking risks by delving into enemy territory and sounding very similar to One Direction at times. Most of the metal crowd probably won’t dig this band, and to be honest I don’t think the band care about that. I think they’re going to generate a buzz over course of  year, maybe play at this year’s Warped Tour and see if they have the ability to expand their sound and keep things fresh in the studio.

I really like this album, despite the fact that this particular type of music is starting to become a little less appealing to me. However, this band seem to be creating a fresh new look for this type of music without reinventing the wheel. They write some pretty good songs with a lot of catchy hooks and equally catchy choruses. I’ll be interested to see the progression of this band given the most likely imminent success of this debut album.

Luke Helker


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