Every Man is an Island: Beyond EP

Over the corse of the 40+ years that metal music has existed, the United States and various countries in Europe (especially the Scandinavian region) have become famous for their metal band exports. Few bands outside of these regions, with the exception of a few bands in Australia and India, have been able to produce metal acts on the same level as a Lamb of God (USA) or a Rammstein (Germany). That being said, Every Man is an Island (hailing from Sao Paolo, Brazil)  are out to prove that South America has a lot of quality music to offer to the rest of the world.

Beyond is the debut EP for Every Man is an Island and it’s a great way to start off the new year. The lead single “Wolves” was released about a month ago and now that I’ve been able to hear that track in the context of the rest of EP, I think it is an absolutely killer EP from a killer band. It kicks off with an intro track to build up suspense and feeds in nicely to “Phantoms,” which just takes the money and run, exploding right from the get go. Next is “Wolves,” which is very much an anthem for them and I think will become much larger in 2014. My only complaint is that there is a short interlude track in the middle. which I think is a little pointless. It’s only an EP with five legitimate songs so I don’t really think an intro AND and interlude are necessary, but that’s me being picky. “F.F.W.Y.B.” and “No Honor in War” are also mammoth tracks wherein the rhythm section dominates. The last track on the EP is “Beyond,” yet another ferocious track that also displays a softer side of the band as it concludes the EP with as much excitement as when it began.

There is a good balance of punk, metal, and more specifically death core in this band that combined with their fresh way of approaching the songwriting makes it seem very exciting even though they aren’t necessarily reinventing the wheel. There are a lot of breakdowns that seems to be spaced apart in such that a way that it feels like time is literally slowing down. The overall production though is massive and despite not being tethered to any label, the band seem to be really making a name for themselves in their own country.

If you are a fan of While She Sleeps or the Architects (UK), then I think you will dig this band. They have something that hasn’t really been done in America, but has been done quite well in the UK with the bands that I initially mentioned. I truly believe this band will put Brazil on the map and hopefully will further broaden the metal borders.

Check this band out and get involved. They’re great. http://www.everymanisanisland.com

Luke Helker


2 Responses to “Every Man is an Island: Beyond EP”

  1. Ignore my bad english, I’m from Brazil. Here in our country Every Man Is An Island is another of the great bands we have. Listen to “A Última Theoria – Herdeiros da promessa”, “John Wayne – Lágrimas” “Gloria – A arte de fazer inimigos” “Irvin – Funeral” among others. Congratulations and thank you for your considerations with Brazil. (Vinicius Pires, blog News from Underground.)

  2. thats really a dope band, wish ’em the best

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