Electric Wizard: Time to Die

Electric Wizard are no strangers to the metal world. They’ve been going strong for twenty years now and have had a few albums widely considered to be staples within their genre. Now, we have been graced with another doom-metal masterpiece from our friends across the pond.

Never before has 1970s-influenced doom metal sounded more fresh and relevant than in the past few years, especially 2014. I’ve heard so many stellar doom metal bands (and loads of rip-offs too) and for the most part, they all are unique and memorable in their own way. One thing that I think has really set Electric Wizard apart though is the fact that unlike most other bands that are just really good and fitting into the niche or fitting in to the genre – these guys live it everyday. In fact, during the band’s early period, the drug abuse, harassment from the authorities, rural environment and typically violent lifestyle all melded together to create some that was really raw and honest, but still left plenty of room for the imagination.

Electric Wizard have managed to create a cult following for themselves over the years and to be honest, I’ve only recently become a fan of this band and have since started to dig at some of their older material. Time to Die though is easily one of the heaviest records released so far in 2014 and apocalyptic beyond all counts. The lyrics are stronger than ever and the sludgy guitars are simply hypnotic; having the ability to engage the listener so much that they become entranced in what is going on musically (that is, assuming you’re enjoying this album really nice speakers or headphones and have allowed yourself to relax and let the music carry you away).

For just being a casual fan of this band and the genre as a whole, I have to say that this is a tough album to match as far as style and consistency. Time to Die is Electric Wizard’s eighth LP and is released through Spinefarm Records. For further music and info, check out the band’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/electricwizarddorsetdoom/timeline

Luke Helker


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