Black Crown Initiate: The Wreckage of Stars

More like the wreckage of minds. Seriously, I was blown away by this album. I was also unaware that this band had some material previously released, but then again, this band are being promoted like no other right now and for good reason. Making their label debut with eOne music, The Wreckage of Stars is proving to be a strong record and resonating well with a lot of people, making the Black Crown Initiate definitely a band worth keeping an eye on as 2014 starts to wane and we drift into 2015.

Hailing from Reading, PA (not quite near where I’m from, but way to represent PA), Black Crown Initiate are the newest powerhouse progressive-death metal band on the map. They’re heavy as all hell, yet can easily be light and seductive without sounding cheesy or false. They also manage to have really aggressive shouting, growling and singing balanced in just about every song and pull it off without loosing any edge or overall effect. And, like most successful progressive acts, this band has the ability to dance around different time signatures freely and unimpaired.

Most importantly, they simply write good songs. The main single, “Withering Waves” was recently released as a teaser for the album (which I believe came out yesterday actually) and included a music video too. This song utilizes a lot more clean vocals and melodic hooks than some of the other songs found on the record, but at the same time, songs like “Shapes Collapse” or the title track, which don’t feature a lot of clean vocals are just as mesmerizing. The fact of the matter is that each song is very well balanced and while most songs clock in over 6 minutes, each song has enough melodic hooks and unforgettable grooves to appeal to a variety of different fans. Additionally, I think the big selling point for this band though lies in the humongous beard of singer James Dorton.

The band is currently on tour with Rivers of Nihil (also representing Reading, PA) for the aptly name “Reading Rainbow Tour,” which is already a really bad ass name for a tour. The album will be available for purchase on September 30 through eOne music.

You can find more info and music for Black Crown Initiate on their Facebook page here:

or their band camp page here:

Luke Helker


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