New Singles from At the Gates & Job for a Cowboy

Within the past week, there have been two brand new singles from what I believe to be two fairly groundbreaking bands.

In one corner we have At the Gates, one of the pioneers of the swedish death metal style that ended up influencing countless bands in America. They’ve recently released “At Ware with Reality,” their first release in eleven years! The album of same name will be released around October 28, 2014 through Century Media Records. If the rest of the album sounds similar to this single, then I think we have noting to fear. The track is abrasive, melodic, fresh, and exciting. Basically, everything that already defined At the Gates. Below is a video link with the audio of the new single.

In the other corner we have Job for a Cowboy, in my opinion, one of the bands who set the template for how death core (at least in America) should sound. After only two years and a minor lineup change, their new single “Sun of Nihilism” sounds like it could honestly be a completely different band. There’s still the signature death core sound that the band have sculpted for themselves over the years, but there is also a slightly progressive, new sound. The tempo has slowed down a little and the song sonically has a doom element to it. To be honest, if it weren’t for Johnny Davy’s vocals, I would not have known that I was listening to Job for a Cowboy. Below is a video link with the audio of the new single, which will be released on the album  Sun Eater, set to be released November 11 through Metal Blade Records.

As far as evaluating how the singles fit into the context of the entire album, I’m not terribly worried about how the new At the Gates record will sound. They’ve always been a very consistent band throughout their career. However, Job for a Cowboy has arguably had some peaks and troughs in their career, making their new album particularly intriguing to me.

I’ll be very interested to see how these albums sound in their entirety and I’m equally interested in your thoughts and opinions on what you’ve heard already so please feel free to share your ideas below. Thanks.

Luke Helker


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