Slipknot – “The Negative One”

I don’t typically review just one song or single, but I think this particular single from this particular band is important to discuss. Firstly, “The Negative One” is the first single released in six years from a band that has had such a monumental impact in music – especially the metal music community – that I don’t think it can properly be measured. Secondly, the band have also recently a music video to along with the newly released single. While Corey Taylor commented that this is not an official single for the new album, it stills serves as a more tangible teaser for the album and hopefully gets people excited about what is to come.

I’m mainly excited not only because there is finally new music coming out from the Slipknot family, but because the new single is so freaking good! I think it shares both the darker musical and lyrical attributes of any track off of Iowa while also displaying the accessibility and production style similar to Vol. 3 and All Hope is Gone. That being said, I really think this new album will be a major blend of everything we’ve come to know and love about Slipknot over the past almost 20 years now.

The one thing that really stuck out the most to me was the use of electronics that has been utilized in such a way that I don’t believe has been before. Sid’s role has always been integral to the overall sonic quality of Slipknot‘s sound and I don’t think it has ever diminished. In fact, I think Sid more than almost any other member, has really expanded his role in the band and adapted himself for each record and has become one of the more versatile members. I think one could feasibly argue that he may not have gotten enough musical spotlight on some of the later releases, but I think that may change on this new record.

I honestly can’t quite explain how excited I am and how this news has really taken me back to when I was young and first discovered the band. My excitement now is similar then to when I first learned about them. Without even hearing the record, I think it will be one of the best albums of the year by a fairly wide margin. This single should hopefully be a testament to that.

Luke Helker


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