I Killed The Prom Queen: Beloved

Here’s an interesting one. I Killed the Prom Queen were one of the last band’s that I expected to reform and put out a new album in 2014. I’ve never followed this band too intently, so I wasn’t aware that they’ve been touring fairly consistently for the past two years and I was also completely unaware of guitarist Jona Weinhofen’s involvement with Bring Me the Horizon. When I first learned that, I hadn’t heard this record yet and assumed that since he was fired from Bring Me The Horizon that this album would be a retaliation by ripping off the same signature production and songwriting styles. Thankfully, I was wrong on those accounts, but at the same time, I was a little underwhelmed with this album.

I said before that I was not following this band intently, but I was still very much into this band during the mid-2000’s and really liked Music for the Recently Deceased (but then again,who didn’t like this record?). I since lost touch with this band and felt compelled to revisit their older albums when I found out that this new album was on its way.  I remembered how good this band were and how these albums still sound pretty fresh today. I should also mention that I’ve never seen the band live too, just so you know my perspective for this review.

After listening to this album, I concluded that the songwriting was fine; fairly consistent from their older releases and the production was more modern of course, but I could not get past the vocals. I don’t think Jamie is a bad vocalist by any stretch of the imagination, but I have a harder time believing what he says compared to Michael Crafter, who kinda was the real face of the band when they were at the height of their career (at least in my opinion). After listening to the older material and realizing again what this band are(were) capable of, I found it that much harder to really enjoy this record. I’m sure though that there are people out there that have been waiting forever for this band to reform and will love the album no matter what.  It’s a very modern interpretation of what this band did best back in 2006; more breakdowns, less clean vocals and tighter production.

I hate to be “that metal guy” that then says he can’t get into a record because of the vocals, but I just don’t believe what I hear. There’s just no conviction in what is being sung, but I still think fans of this band will enjoy the album to some extent.

Luke Helker


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