The Restitution

Hailing from the West Coast, The Restitution are a new progressive metal band that you all need to check out (especially for fans of The Deftones, Tool and even some bands that don’t necessarily fall in that category like Thrice and Underoath. There’s also bits of post-rock in the music, to further make it a very diverse album to satisfy all parties.

The band is the brainchild of Michael Wright, whose musical vision has led to his debut album, Waves. Waves paints a very beautiful picture of a well-constructed progressive album that has resulted over many years of hard work and few borrowed instruments, and a great deal of creative experimentation. This album is a real melting pot of some of the genres that I love most and is presented in a very palatable and cohesive manner including punk, post, and progressive (the three P’s). They combine clean and shouty-edgy vocals over beautifully constructed melodies to generate a mass of emotions.

The production on this record is very strong, but raw and really compliments the music. I’m a big fan of albums that sound like x number of dudes just jamming together in a room both in a songwriting and a production stand-point because it feels more natural and real. I totally get this with The Restitution and the songwriting is very mature. Some key tracks for me include “Stone Dweller,” “Weigh,” and the title track, but really every song is great.

The band currently don’t have any shows lined up, but if they do happen to appear in your area, then you best be seeing them because you do not want to miss out on the experience.

Luke Helker



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