For Today: Fight the Silence

For Today are one of the more consistent bands around today, which I think says a lot. In a world where fans are quite fickle and constantly demand more change , For Today have been able to capitalize on a sound that I think was solidified with Breaker back in 2010. Some bands don’t have a lot in the way of songs and need to constantly change their sound and image to appeal continue to appeal to their old fans whilst trying to gain new fans, but I think For Today are one of those bands that have struck true to their beliefs and are still pumping out great tunes.

You can say what you want about the christian aspect, and to be honest, I’m not religious whatsoever, but I still applaud this band for sticking to their guns and pressing on, despite some of the lineup changes that have occurred over the past few years. What I think is slightly humorous about some of the original members departing though is that they’ve picked up members from failing christian metal bands including Crimson Armada drummer David Puckett and In the Midst of Lions rhythm guitarist Sam Penner.

If you’ve heard Immortal or the Prevailer EP, then you have a good idea of what is on Fight the Silence. There are no real surprises  on this album. There are some more clean choruses provided by Ryan Leitru, which I think has been a great addition to the For Today sound and Leitru has really stepped up on this album. I think Immortal was the guinea pig album that allowed for this album to sound the way it does.

The first three songs are absolutely huge (“Molotov,” the title track and “Pariah”) and some of the best songs the band have ever out their name on. There are also a couple shorter, almost interlude tracks (“Reflections” and “Resonate”) that are spacey, guitar solos with Lietru’s voice guiding them into the next song, further proving his continued influence on the overall production and songwriting for the album. Other standout tracks include “Break the Cycle,” which features  Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire fame, “Fatherless,” “A Call to Arms” and “For the Fallen.” (I’m seeing a trend in that a lot of their best songs begin with the letter F). I feel as though the lyrics are also a little more personal on this record, especially with “Fatherless,” which told a story that I had not heard yet from Mattie.

Not to slate the record, but if you’ve heard any of the last three records, then you kinda know exactly how this album will sound. It’s not a bad thing because I think the band are still writing killer tracks, but I’m sure there are some fans out there that want more of a change and might not be fully satisfied by this record. I think it’s a very natural step forward for the band though and give it a very big thumbs up.

Luke Helker


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