Suicidal Angels: Divide and Conquer

Greek thrashers, Suicidal Angels recently released their fifth full length studio record Noise Art/Napalm Records. Similarly to how I approached the Legion of the Damned album, this is very much a thrash band striving to stand out in a sea of copy-cats.

It’s very difficult for thrash metal bands to appear relevant in today’s market. You need something to make you stand out and in the past decade, I think the only band we saw with the potential to change the game for thrash metal and make it accessible again in the way that Metallica and Slayer did was Evile and they faded away almost as soon as they have exploded back in 2007 (and shit, no one in America seems to pay enough attention to Machine Head, who have written this generations Master of Puppets in my opinion with The Blackening, which tells you all you need to know about the state of thrash metal in our country). Now we have the old guard releasing some decent records every now and again and some new bands trying to go somewhere, but not being able to progress on the old formula. There will always be the underground audiences however that will never stop supporting bands like this, but at the same time, I doubt that this album (or any that will follow) will have the strength to push the band into the next level and because of that I see Suicidal Angels on the same plane as Legion of the Damned. Not bad, but most likely not getting any more exposure in the U.S. than they’ve had in the past.

In a more positive light, I thought the album was still really enjoyable. “Seed of Evil” and “In the Grave” are great songs and the band have all the hallmarks of a classic thrash band. The riffs and solos will most definitely melt your face and the drums will trample you into the ground with the force of a crash of rhinos. The incorporate a small string section to open up the song “Control the Twisted Mind,” which I thought was a cool thing to do and “White Wizard,” the album closer, clocks in a blistering 8 minutes and 50 seconds.

Overall, I thought it was a solid mid-way record, but due to the reality of the world we live in, most likely won’t be able to propel the band any further.

Luke Helker


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