Skull Fist: Chasing the Dream

After some financial and personal setbacks, Canadian heavy-metal band Skull Fist have just released their second full-length record. The band have been making waves since 2006 when lead-singer/guitarist Jackie Slaughter released the first EP entitled No False Metal. Since then Slaughter has released Heavier than Metal EP (2010) and Head of the Pack (2011) and has experienced many lineup changes since the bands inception. The band have also become important amongst this new 80s metal influenced revival that has been dubbed the “New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal” and bands such as White Wizard, Cauldron and Enforcer also fit into this bracket. Bear in mind, however, that bands like 3 Inches of Blood have existed for years and have also maintained a “Trad-Metal sound” so I don’t know exactly how legitimate this “NOTHM” movement is, but it seems to be the general consensus.

Nevertheless, Skull Fist are an absolutely kick-ass group. You’ll be singing these songs all the way to the bar where you’ll then pick a fight with someone twice your size thanks to your newly found confidence. Chasing the Dream is packed with killer riffs, shredding solos, memorable choruses, and an 80s production that transports you back to those good ol’ years. After the release of Head of the Pack in 2011, the band were about to enter the studio again only to find to their surprise that they didn’t have enough money to record yet. This, in turn, pushed the album’s production by another two months. Then (if you follow the band closely you’ll remember this) Jackie was in a small skateboarding accident and really did a number on his body, which further setback the record by another month. The pay homage to this by adding a short sound clip of a man riding a skateboard and then falling in the beggining of the final track on the album “Mean Street Rider.”

If you were ever into 80s metal like Iron Maiden, Motley Crüe, or even Steel Panther (which are a more tongue-in-cheek modern hair metal band), then there is no reason that you shouldn’t be listening to this record right now.

Luke Helker


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