Mogwai: Rave Tapes

Scottish post rock outfit, Mogwai have recently released their eighth studio album, Rave Tapes. On this album we see a drastic departure from the band, adding extra synths and “danceable” elements to their music. While the album title and track “Remurdered” (released on October 28th, 2013) suggest that there will be these elements all over the record, we should remember that most of the album and song titles don’t really mean much when it comes to Mogwai‘s music.

“Remurdered” is definitely a highlight for the album, other tracks like “Hexon Bogon” and “The Lord is out of Control” are also killer tracks. “Repelish” was an interesting track with a vocal track of a man talking about the satanic references in Led Zeppelin‘s iconic masterpiece, “Stairway to Heaven.” “Blues Hour” also contains some ambient vocals throughout. I think it’s a very solid record and while I understand some controversy have arisen from this new direction, I don’t think it detracts from the fact that the songs are still great and still deserve your attention.

I applaud the band for making a departure at this stage in their career. They’re keeping one foot in the core of their music and another foot in the new year.  This is a band that is aging like fine wine and I don’t believe will they have any intentions of slowing down in the future.

Luke Helker


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