The Scarlet Son

Most of you will remember when I covered a band called Andare. This is going way back in the archives, but they were a great band from Pittsburgh and one of their members, Kris Litman, has started a new project called, The Scarlet Son. As far as I know right now, I think all of the instrumentation and production is done by Litman, which is quite impressive.

To get 2014 started, The Scarlet Son have released their debut single, “Consumed” via their band camp. I don’t want to make too many comparisons to Andare because the music of these two groups is really different beyond the fact that are both fairly heavy acts. Andare though had a lot of scream singing while all of the vocals in The Scarlet Son are clean and super melodic. He does a good job of creating a lot of space while simultaneously filling it up with loads of instruments in the mix. It’s definitely a good track that reminds me of late Coheed & Cambria at points.

Right now they  just have the one single out, but I predict that before 2014 is over, we’ll have a full-length record by the group.

Check lout the track “Consumed” here at

Luke Helker


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