Cursed Graves

Cursed Graves are a new noise-punk band from San Diego and are honestly unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. They’ve got the raw intensity of any classic punk rock band, yet they have also equipped these shorts bursts of raging fury with the screams of feedback and other natural guitar noises to heighten the dirty sounds they are trying to project. It really transports the listener to the small club in which this band would most likely perform in and helps illustrate the fierceness of what it’s like to be at a punk show.

The band released a new record this past Friday. The album runs about 10 minutes long total, but I assure you it will be the harshest 10 minutes of your life. All of the tracks are short, explosive bursts of punk rock fury that will surely satisfy even the most casual of punk fans.

Here’s an interview I had with Blake Cox of Cursed Graves:

LH: How did the band come together?

BC: It’s actually a pretty funny story. Last Halloween our friends put together a cover show for fun, so the three of us (having played in bands together in the past) decided to play a Black Sabbath cover set, but ended up throwing out the covers and writing a record instead.

LH: Is that why you have a shirt in the style of the Master of Reality album cover?

BC: When we originally started writing music for Cursed Graves, we knew we needed something to pay homage to Black Sabbath; so the Master of Reality tee is just us paying our respects.

LH: How exactly did you go from covering Black Sabbath, who are much more in the vein of heavy blues rock to Cursed Graves, which is insane noise-punk?

BC: Our Black Sabbath influences aren’t necessarily directly related to the music, but we definitely were drawn to the idea of writing dark/eery music, which is obviously Black Sabbath’s biggest claim to fame.

LH: Where does the name Cursed Graves come from?

BC: I could come up with some crazy elaborate story about the name, but in reality we just thought it sounded cool.

LH: Why is the album called S/T?

BC: Seeing as it’s our first release, we wanted to keep it simple & easy to remember: a self-titled record.

LH: I saw on the merch section of your Facebook that you are selling this album on cassette as well as a digital format. Is this true? If so why cassette instead of vinyl or CD?

BC: Well, to us, the point of owning a physical copy of any record (whether it be CD, vinyl, etc.) is that it’s something you can collect; having our record on cassette is just another way to listen to our music, not to mention the distinct warm, analog sound you get from vinyl & cassettes.

LH: Where was the album recorded? Who produced it? 

BC: We spent a weekend recording the record at the Roseland Recording Room in Fallbrook, CA with Matt Fitzpatrick from My Iron Lung, who taught us a lot of things about “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

LH: What exactly did you learn about Oasis and “Wonderwall?”

BC: Oasis’ “Wonderwall” is not only your favorite song in the entire world, but at the same time, it’s your least favorite song in the entire world.

LH: You have quite a few shows coming up in the next few weeks. Having not been to California and also not being a native, I was wondering if you could shed some light on the punk rock scene in San Diego and elsewhere around California. Is it a nurturing environment for the music you create? Are there plans to tour out-of-state?

BC: There isn’t a huge amount of punk bands directly where we’re from. Most of the notable bands (Sleepwalk, Take Offense, PSO) reside closer to the border in Lemon Grove & Chula Vista. Although, up north in Los Angeles & the Bay Area, there’s a much bigger punk/hardcore scene with bands like Creative Adult, Harsh Vibes, Zero Progress, & a bunch of others. San Diego is a bit of a bust when it comes to punk.

LH: What does 2014 hold for Cursed Graves?

BC: We definitely have a tremendous amount planned for the upcoming year, including months of touring the U.S., as well as at least two more releases by the end of 2014. In other words, if you live in North America, chances are you’ll be hearing about us in the next couple of months.

Enjoy the record!

Luke Helker


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