Lost Swimmer

Lost Swimmer is a post-hardcore group from Kentucky. They just released their latest EP, Songs About Breathing, which contains five aggressive tracks that are absolutely killer. The band have a Title Fight/Brand New sound to them and this EP is very raw and very tasteful.

“Plan B” opens up the album and starts out with a solo guitar setting the tone and then vocals in the distance. As the rest of the band comes in and builds, the intensity of the song builds until it explodes into a furious punk anthem. “Lost Summer” immediately pumps the brakes as the guitars continue to create an atmospheric presence while the drums and bass plow through. This tracks also explodes later on and is carried by the bass the entire time.  “Forget, Regret” is the first time that I feel the guitars are the most important part and really drive this song. “Gunlock” is another song that starts soft and explodes later; also with the bass driving the entire time. Finally, “Chloe, Underwater is the longest track on the album, clocking in at over six minutes and opens up with a bass solo. This song goes back and forth between softer and louder parts, I think to create a sense of struggling to stay afloat when one is lost at sea.

Lost Swimmer previously released an EP entitled Maps & Lessons, which contains four tracks that are more on the pop-punk side of what bands like Title Fight do. Two very different EPs, two very different faces to this talented band, but all the songs are worth listening to.

As the band continues to play shows in their hometown and release EPs, we need to help them get more shows by making everyone more aware of who this band are and what they do. To do that, get involved with their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lostswimmer) and their band-camp (http://lostswimmer.bandcamp.com)

Luke Helker


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