Coastal Break

Coastal Break is the creative name for Ryan Sullivan, a try one-man band. He has taken it upon himself to accept every role in his modern hardcore-metal project and just completed his first piece, which is called “A Letter Behind” and is a 16 minute mammoth of a track instead of breaking up the musical ideas into separate songs.

Musically, Sullivan has the technical facility of any modern-day shredder and has the creativity of some of the more forward-thinking bands around. His music to me sounds like it fits somewhere between Tesseract/The Safety Fire and Chimp Spanner/Pomegranate Tiger, especially Pomegranate Tiger. Like Pomegranate Tiger, Sullivan’s music is also completely instrumental and flows within itself beautifully. The overall aesthetics of the song are breath-taking. I can hear the personality that is driving these riffs and melodies and know that he is playing straight from the heart, which isn’t always easy to translate to modern audiences, but I think many people will grasp on when they become more informed.

This is the first thing that Sullivan has released, which is very exciting because we get to see his career blossom and expand as he continues to write more music that impresses us. To download his track or find out more about what Coastal Break is up to, visit his Facebook page here:

Luke Helker


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