Over the past weekend, I have been in touch with Shane Dunlap of the band Greylines. These self-proclaimed “Lock Haven Bastards” have a unique blend of punk and hardcore in a way that is very accessible, but also doesn’t alienate them from that true-blue fan base.

The band just released a new EP entitled Night Terror. Be sure to check it out because it’s a great EP with wall-to-wall bangers on it including “Shudder,” the song that the band just recently released a video for.

Here is an interview I had with Shane. We talked a lot about the new video. Below that you’ll find the music video for their song “Shudder.”

LH: Is this your first music video?

SD: Yep this is our first music video. Some of us were never really into the idea of a video but a couple of our friends really pushed us and put the idea in our heads and basically got is psyched up to do it.

LH: Who produced the video?

SD: A friend of ours named Matt Spencer from Pittsburgh did the video. If you haven’t check out any of his work I suggest you do that; he seriously rules.

LH: How does it feel to have Alternative Press feature your video?

SD: It’s a really awesome feeling of course haha we’re all really excited about it and probably will be for a while.

LH: Have you been getting attention from any other fairly well-known publications besides AP? 

SD: A few other media sites have shared it and it made its way around the world of twitter or so I’m told haha.

LH: Did anyone actually jump off that bridge?

SD: Yes, our singer Russell did actually jump off that bridge.

LH: What inspired the home video footage?

SD: I believe that was our friend Anthony’s idea. I brought up the idea of Russ flipping through old pictures then the idea of old video footage was stemmed from that. We wanted something that would give the viewers a reminiscent feeling when watching.

LH: This is your third EP. Can you discuss a little about how the songs came together and what makes this particular EP great.

SD: Technically this is our third release, but only our second EP. We’ve put out an 8 song EP and a one song split prior to this release.  The songs came together in a rather unusual way; the song Night Terror was written as a full band pretty much immediately after we released the first EP, so we’ve had that one in our set for quite some time. I think we wrote Shudder after that but ended up scrapping the song for a while and then eventually re-worked it until we were fully satisfied.  Russ wrote Regal and Ode completely by himself then brought the songs to us where we then added our own twist to it. 40 was a collective effort in that we all wrote different parts then mixed them all together; then a good deal of it was changed and reworked while we were in the studio.  I guess what makes this EP great or at least why we think so, the songs are filled with a ton of emotion, we really try to show that with the music but Russ does a great job of writing lyrics that allow people to bring back memories both good and bad.

LH: Any touring plans? 

SD: We’re going to do some weekenders this winter and try to play some places we haven’t played yet. Then we’re getting things worked out to do a bigger tour this summer.

LH: Whats the next step for Greylines?

SD: We’re trying to play as much as we can in 2014 and really push the new EP as hard as we can.

Luke Helker



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