Walking Relic

This is a band with an unlikely sound in an unlikely place. Walking Relic are a pop/rock group hailing from Noble, Oklahoma. They are also female-fronted, which is a nice change of pace for a group like this. They really remind me bands like The Sounds or Shiny Toy Guns that have a fine balance between when the keyboards lead and when the guitars lead the song.

The band just released a three song EP entitled “Sojurn” that I think is absolutely great. It’s very fast paced and sure to put some extra pep in your step. The EP kicks off with “Every Little Thing: which builds on a synth riff and explodes into anthemic chorus that can’t help but sing out loud. Next is “Burn”, another anthem, this time guitar driven but the keys sit beautifully in the mix. The EP concludes with “Galaxy Quest;” a driving song that also spaces out musically.

The band have released several other EP’s in the past, but I want to hear a full album. I’ve enjoyed every song and want a full album to properly showcase these songs because they need to be heard. They’ve also toured extensively around the nation so pay attention to when they come around to your area because you do not want to miss them.

This is a great band for any fan of The Killers, M83, and the National. You can find their music on their sound cloud page here: https://soundcloud.com/walkingrelic

Luke Helker


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