One Headlight High

LFOD - Front Cover

One Headlight High is a part-pop-punk group from Missouri. They specialize in having a good time on stage and writing good soundtrack to any party. Usually the novelty of a “party band” wears thin after several listens, but not this band. I don’t really think of them as a party band. While they have songs like “Tequila is for sore losers” and fully embrace the party image, they could just as easily depart from that image and still maintain good songs at the end of the day.

They recently released their newest record, Live Free or Don’t back in September. The album was recorded in Fuse Recording Studio in Lincoln, Nebraska in March 2013. While I dig the party vibe that emanates from their earlier material, this album, to me, is much more direct and displays the maturity of the songs and musicians most accurately. The way in which these songs are presented still remains though and the group’s overall sound hasn’t diminished in the least and the songs are stronger than ever. Songs like “6 or 10” and “Burn for a Cure” illustrate the steps this band are taking towards musical development while songs like “Sexlexia” and “Go Home You’re Drunk” allow older fans to enjoy the kind of songs that garnered the band popularity in the first place.

All of the songs on this album are well constructed, well produced and are simply fun to listen to.  They band are frequently playing shows and trying to get their name out.  You can help them out by checking out their Facebook ( and spreading the word about their music.

Luke Helker


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