Infidelities Part 2

I’ve been reviewing/interviewing bands through Aesthetic Heart Promotions for a about two years now and have listened to and made connections with many bands, but this is something new and great to see. The Infidelities are a band that I reviewed over a year ago and now they’ve come back to ask me to review them again. I think it’s cool not because they’re asking me to review them again, but because this is a band that is really starting to grow and always looking for constructive criticism and ways they can further expand.

When I first reviewed them, they had finally put together a solid lineup after a lot of Craigslist auditions and I remember saying that this was a band that has a lot of potential when they get their shit together. Listening to the album, I can tell that they’ve been working hard and have really solidified their sound. They sound great and I’m very proud to see how far they’ve come since they first asked me to review them.

Their debut EP is called “Your Own Worst Nostalgia” and is a tight collection of songs inspired by bands like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, but channeled through a heavier, modern interpretation of that type of rock music. It sounds like they’ve got a good thing going and I can’t wait to see what happens next for this band.

Here is the interview I had with Michelle:

LH: Last time I talked to you, you had just solidified your lineup, is this same lineup or have there been more changes?

MT: After the CD release for “Your Own Worst Nostalgia,” our bassist Stephen who joined in December of 2011 parted ways with us. There’s no ill-will either way however that leaves us on the search for a new bassist. We’ve also been auditioning guitarists /back up vocalists. Some of the prospective members we have are really talented and have a lot to offer so it’s really a great opportunity to work with them.

LH: Can you talk about the songs for this EP came together? Who produced it? What are your own opinions toward the EP etc.

MT: Inshallah (Crosses by the Road) was a song we had sitting around for almost 2 years, which we hadn’t recorded as a demo on our own like the rest of our old songs. It’s a very special song in memory of my friend Kristin. Kristin’s cousin, several friends from my church, and our producer sang on the track in the last chorus which was a last minute addition. It’s my favorite song we’ve ever written. “Hopeful Kind of Sad” was another older song that we revamped to match the album. The rest of the album was all written within a few months of going into the studio.

Our album was produced by Anthony Lopardo at Westfall Recording Company. He’s a good friend of mine and so much fun to work with. We’re pretty happy with the EP but there’s still a lot we would do over for it, especially in songwriting.

LH: What do you mean by that?

MT: We would have liked our songs to have punchier, bigger, catchier choruses and we would love to have had more vocal harmonies. We’re auditioning guitarists/back up vocalists and bassist/back up vocalists (who can sing and scream). All of our favorite bands (I.e. Brand New, Dance Gavin Dance, This Good Robot) have more than one vocalist and we feel our songwriting needs to even better reflect our tastes and favorite parts of favorite songs. So many possibilities open up with a second vocalist/guitarist.

LH: You just released a video for your song “Affirm and Avow.” How does it feel to have a music video? Can you talk about the process, who produced the video, etc.

We feel great about having a music video and can’t wait to make more. It was also produced by Anthony Lopardo. We filmed it in Centerville Studio in NY, which is this cool old house that also has art shows and open mic nights. The guitarist of Moontooth (a ridiculously talented metal band from NY) lives there. The whole time he was sitting in the room with his laptop and a cup of coffee just headbanging and encouraging us. It was June, so we were really sweaty by the last take. It was so much fun.

LH: Any shows coming up?    

MT: At the moment, our next show is February 15 with our friend Ryan Cassata in Bay Shore, NY.

LH: This group has come a long way since we last talked, so what’s the next step?

MT: We started writing again and hope to be back in full spring as a quintet by March. Our next step is to get out there and start playing shows in the tristate area. I’ve been saving up for a van. We want to put out another music video for Inshallah in 2014.

Luke Helker


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