Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera

*SPOILER ALERT* If you haven’t seen this yet, I suggest not reading because I will be revealing secrets of the special in order to properly critique it. 

It’s been quite some time since the last episode of Metalocalypse premiered (15 months to be exact), and now fans have awaited with bated breath for the new special The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera. This hour-long special was created by Brendan Small (the show’s creator) and is presented as a full scale musical with a full-scale 50-piece orchestra, multiple guest vocalists (including Jack Black, and George “Corpsegrinder” Fischer of Cannibal Corpse fame), and full libretto, which can be downloaded at Brendan Small’s website HERE. The album featuring all of the music from the show, composed by Small himself in collaboration with Bear McCreary (award winning composer of Walking Dead) can also be preordered at Small’s website.

The show picks up exactly where the show left off. Dethklok need to search and rescue Toki and Abigail from Magnus Hammersmith and the man with the silver face. Instead of facing their responsibilities headlong, the band try to run away from their problems by “Partying around the World.” They are reminded of their responsibilities by Ishnifus  (prophetic leader of the church of the black clock) and question whether or not they have the ability to be heroes.

There are some flashbacks thrown across the special as well. The most significant being the audition to replace Hammersmith’s spot in Dethklok. Skwisgaar  is obviously hellbent on making sure Dethklok remain a four-piece and uses his guitar to smite his competition, including Toki. However, he admits that he actually plays better with Toki and allows him to join the band.

The band finally get the courage to go after their friends and are able to rescue them, but not before battling Magnus, the man with the silver face and their legion of supporters. The reunion of their band mate and the alignment of the Doomstar creates a magical and powerful bond around them and gives them the power to destroy the man with the silver face.

There were also two significant expansions to the story in this special. 1) Charles Foster Offdenson resigns and 2) Ishnifus dies, which is only disappointing because the opening of the show prophetizes a major character dying, and since we’ve only just met him in the last episode of the fourth season, I don’t think his character really developed enough consider him as being a major character.

All in all, I really enjoyed the special and had to ultimately watch it two times. The first time as a starry eyed fan who thinks that it’s perfect because it’s simply Dethklok. The second time, it was as a critic. I thought the production was fantastic. The vocalists are spectacular and the instrumentation is really well constructed. The libretto for this opera (libretto is a term for the lyrics in an opera) is really cheesy, but that’s also half the charm of what Dethklok is. The music is great and the lyrics are silly.

My biggest complaint is in the story. Now, there’s already been some speculation that this was the series finale, but I find that hard to believe because of the cliffhanger ending with Murderface and his “infection.” But aside from that and the death of Ishnifus, who apparently is a major character at this point, it does’t further explain the complete  connection with Mr. Salacia, the council, and Charles Offdenson. In fact, Mr. Salacia, Vater, and General Crozier were only seen in the special for a minute and then revealed that there was a traitor amidst Dethklok, another secret that hasn’t been revealed yet. For all the loose ends that there are, they can easily be tied together again with the rest of the season, which I’m completely convinced is still going to carry on.

I’m really pleased that this happened because we’re in a world where opera as an art form is on the rocks and metal has always been outcasted. Combining these two acquired tastes, no matter how comical or serious, is still a unique concept and I think it’s fabulous. Hopefully it’ll help make people more aware of opera and there should be more artistic unions such as these to spread the word and generate some support.

I’d love to hear all your opinions on what you thought of The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera. Please feel free to send me a message, comment below or whatever suits your fancy.


8 Responses to “Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera”

  1. It was said that Murderface is the traitor.

    • Perhaps I misinterpreted that part. I knew that Murderface had obviously been hypnotized and therefore corrupted, but when Salacia said that when the time was right, the traitor would be revealed, I got the impression that the answer wasn’t going to appear in the episode. I guess I overlooked that.

  2. My Take: Magnus was the “one of us” who died. He is shown as a lost brother in the brothers sequence. When the priest dies Mangus begins to realize he is on the wrong side and the star changes. He makes peace with his role and plunges a blade into his heart. Magnus is shown spinning down into the Doomstars symbol. The priest dying was a catalyst setting things in motion, breaking the separation between all the brothers even Magnus, a lost brother who also knew he must die.

    • That’s actually a really good point. I never thought of it that way, but that was a really insightful interpretation and I’m actually inclined to agree with you on that one. Good call.

      • I thought the prophecy foretold that the death of a religious figure would be what awakens the doomstar once the five are joined…how would Magnus have been the sacrifice when the Doomstar was activated before his death? I mean, I know we aren’t fond of Ishnifus enough to feel the weight of his death immediately. But if you think of all of the information he has given us, like how the Church of the Black Klok has been around for thousands and thousands of years, observing…prophesying…waiting for the Metalocalypse. Whether we have been aware or a witness to his involvement with the band is not the point. He has been a part of the band and the prophecy since before Dethklok even formed – Since before any of them were born. I would say he is highly highly important. Seeing as he is the leader of the Church of the Black Klok i’d say his sacrificial sentiment makes complete sense. I am pretty sure Magnus’ revelation and self-sacrifice just added to the brotherhood of power that is the Doomstar – the sight of him cycloning into the Doomstar could be taken as it absorbing his life force.

        Just a side note: it also didn’t surprise me since, you know, while they sang “one of us must die” Ishnifus rose his hand. Kind of made that clear.

  3. ive watched it, literally, 17 times already! im obsessed!
    i have some theories about the (hopefully) next season too.
    -i think they will bring back their old manager, the one voiced by jack black
    -i think murderface’s thing at the end will be a telepathic connection, or he will become the next ‘man with the silver face,’ cos that guys eyes were white, and his veins were purple. i mean, cmon!
    -i think the traitor among dethklok will be something ridiculous, like a klokateer named regie or something.
    -i think magnus is still alive and hes gonna come back with a robotic heart (dick knubbler had robotic eyes… why not a robotic heart?)
    -and i expect a parody of that line from starwars “______, I am your father!”
    -and MORE TOKI

    and a warning to anyone who hasnt seen it yet, rip your heart out now, before brendan small gets a chance to.

    • Wow! Those are some interesting theories that I never thought of before. I can definitely see Magnus still being alive and them bringing in Jack Black’s character again. I’m really interested to see what they do with Murderface, but that’s a really interesting idea.

  4. Magnus, likely to come back. Muderface, a definite kill off (various hints throughout the entire series including how pointless the bass is). Still waiting on clarification of Swisgaar’s story (more so due to the fact that he is the only one who didn’t seem to age from past to present). And finally, need to see what is to become of Dr. Rockso. After giving away so much cocain, there has to be a followup planned for that.

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