Mayhem Festival 2013 Lineup Review!

Yesterday, the official lineup for this summer’s 6th annual Rockstar Mayhem Festival. Last year we saw the tour start to branch out and add some new ideas to the mix. Now they’re throwing some more new curves at us. The lineup so far is as followed:

Main stage headliners:

Rob Zombie – Headlined back n 2010. Phenomenal show and with the new album on the way, I can’t wait to see how he takes over 2013. He’s been touring relentlessly recently and always puts on a fantastic live show, so there’s no qualms there for me.

Five Finger Death Punch – Making their third appearance on the festival this year, the band have been climbing the ladder from side stage, to opening the main stage, to being the second headliner. I love this band and am proud of all of their accomplishments. I just hope that the new album will be as killer as the rest.

Mastodon – Making their second appearance on the festival, I can’t help but feel like they should have been here last year when the new album had dropped and they were more in vogue (not that Mastodon are ever out of fashion). I’ve never seen them before and have heard mixed reviews about their live shows, so i’m not putting eggs in any basket yet.

Amon Amarth – Again, they should have been here last year in my opinion, but I’ve never seen this band either and since they’re making their debut on this tour, I’m very excited to see what they dish out.

Jagermeister Mobile Stage:

Machine Head – A band that should be on the main stage in my opinion, because they’re so much better than Americans give them credit for, I’ll be going mental with them for sure. Just like last time. Seriously this band absolutely slayed it live and you’d be out of your mind not to go.

Job for a Cowboy – I’ve honestly lost interest in this band in recent years, but they’re good live so I’ll most likely check them out again.

Butcher Babies – I think they’re music sucks, but the band has two hot ass female lead singers that run around topless (not totally. They have electrical tape x’s on their ta-tas), covered in mud and fake blood, so I think they have a fairly interesting live show.

Battlecross – I don’t know anything about this band. I’ll have to look them up and make some sort of opinion later.

Huntress – Another female fronted act. I don’t know much about them, but I’ve that they’re not terrible and have been getting some attention outside of the U.S. so we’ll see how the U.S. treats them (they’re singer is also really hot).

Musicians Institute Stage: 

Children of Bodom – Finally coming out from hiding to make their Mayhem Fest debut this summer, Children of Bodom were strong contenders to be on either this bill or Summer Slaughters. Either way, I’m just glad I’m going to finally see Bodom. Can’t wait for the new album either.

Behemoth – Making their second appearance on this festival, I know that they’re going to kill even though I haven’t seen them yet. I can tell though that this is going to be a good summer for metal.

Emmure – There’s no doubt that this band are just as heavy, if not heavier than any other band on this lineup, but their hip-hop swagger might be seen as a bit of a turn-off to most of the straightforward metal heads that attend the festival that only care about SLAYER! I guarantee they’ll knock your sox off and possibly knock you out if you’re not careful.

Born of Osiris – Fantastic band! One of my favorites and I knew with I, the Breather and Upon a Burning Body appearing last year that this band would most likely show up this year. Now if only they can get Veil of Maya and/or After the Burial…

Motionless in White – This band, like Asking Alexandria last year, might cause a lot of drama among the “metal heads” again. I’ve seen them before at other festivals and they can really own a crowd and if you give them the chance, I don’t think they’ll disappoint. I’m not a huge fan of their music, but I do enjoy their live performances. They’re just as passionate as any other band here and will have a show worthy of proving themselves.

Thrown into Exile – Never heard of them. Gotta check them out.

Sumerian Stage:

City in the Sea – Great up and coming band. They’re generating some significant waves and I think this is going to be a good year for them.


…and more are supposed to be announced. That is the first major change with this year’s festival. They added one more stage and therefore more bands. Whats interesting is that the Sumerian stage debuted last year and while it wasn’t as grand as the Jagermeister stage, it still held more than one band, so I’m curious as to why there’s only one band so far for the Sumerian stage (especially when Born of Osiris are also a Sumerian band). I know more bands will be announced, but of the Musician’s Institute stage to this festival is interesting. Most likely some politics and financial tactics are behind it all.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this lineup. I think everyone was betting on Lamb of God being there (Summer Slaughter possibly?), but I wouldn’t cry over this lineup at all. No major departure bands like or major upsets like Asking Alexandria (except for maybe Motionless in White or Emmure), but like AA, MIW have a large enough fan base interest primarily in them to bring a decent enough sized audience to the festival. You can see clearly though how this festival is starting to expand and pick up some of the heavier bands you might find on Warped Tour or something like that (This year’s Warped Tour by the way is extremely solid and I recommend going to that this year as well). I think it’s only natural. There’s only so many bands you can choose from before relevance, availability and repetition start to become factors in picking your bands.

I strongly recommend attending this years festival. I guarantee it will not disappoint.

Luke Helker


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