Within the Ruins: Elite

This is the third full length album from New England deathcore band, Within the Ruins. To me, this is a band that have been getting better and better with every record. Granted they only have three albums and an EP (I’m not counting material released pre-“Creature” because of the crazy lineup changes), but the third album is usually the experimental album for a band that have usually released two consistent records and are looking to branch out and I see nothing but good thing in this bands future.

This album features the band branching out and experimenting more with breakdowns, time signatures, and having to deal with only one guitar. Up til now, there has always been two guitars doing some really technical shit. Now that I can take a step back and look at the relationship the twin guitars had against just the solo guitar, I realize that this band only need one guitar because most of the twin guitar parts were doubled for extra meaty-ness as opposed to harmonically entwining two different leads or trying to create that type of effect. To me, the guitar is just as heavy on this record as any other and still extremely meaty (he also does a lot of Gojira-stlyed pick slides, which are kinda cool).

Other than that, there isn’t much to add other than I think it’s killer and totally worth the listen if you’ve liked their previous material. This record has been long overdue for me, but I’m glad I finally have it. You can catch Within the Ruins live this spring while they are on tour with After the Burial (one of my all-time favorites), The Contortionist, Cloudkicker and City in the Sea, all of which are phenomenal bands so do yourself a favor and GET INVOLVED!! You’ll thank me later.

Luke Helker


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