Bullet for my Valentine: Temper Temper

Bullet for my Valentine have just released their newest record, Temper Temper, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2011’s Fever. This album doesn’t really showcase the band doing anything new (except for the short hair), but captures the band doing what they do best, however not as strong admittedly. I thought Fever was the perfect follow-up to Scream. Aim. Fire, which was a horrible album in my opinion and it really brought the band back en vogue the way The Poison generated such a tremendous following for them. Obviously, haters are gonna hate, but if you’ve liked anything this band have ever put out in the past there is no reason for you to not like this album.

My biggest issue with this album is that I think the singles are some of the weakest tracks on the record and are somewhat of a poor representation of what the album is really all about because some of my friends were bashing it and I hadn’t heard it yet, but now that I’ve heard that full album, I don’t really care too much for these singles (The title-track and “Riot”). “Temper Temper” is fine actually and I really dug that tune, but “Riot” sounds somewhat out of place for me. It’s a two-and-a-half minute song in with a shitty riff in my opinion and a lame chorus and I just know that the band are capable of delivering much larger choruses tat are more anthemic and there’s a bunch on this album alone that would be better candidates for single. I thought “Breaking Point” was killer as well as “Truth Hurts”, but “Dead to the World” and “P.O.W.” might be my favorites. “Riot” just seems out of place  to me; like a cookie cutter FM-radio/borderline metal band.

Two other really interesting tracks for me are “Tears Don’t Fall Part 2” and “Not Invincible.” “Not Invincible” is their thrashiest song ever and while a track like that may seem out of place because they don’t generally take their music that far, they really pulled it off in my opinion. “Tears Don’t Fall Part 2” is interesting because the original song that came out on The Poison, was so monumental and really struck a chord their diehard fans, that this new part was the song I really wanted to hear off this album to see what they do it. They kick it off with sustained guitars and bring into that iconic riff with some slight variations and then Tuck just screams “Let’s Go Again!” which is a brilliant play on the original…overall though, I wasn’t too enthralled by it. The tempo stays the same, the lyrics change obviously, but aside from a few guitar variations here and there and a different interlude/solo section, this part is like a copied and pasted version of the first, which is really disappointing. At least Slipknot and Metallica unplugged and added piano leads in their part 2’s and 3’s of their songs to throw some curve balls in there. I can’t even really say it would stand up on its own with a different title because it sounds too similar.

I honestly hope this review doesn’t give THAT BAD of an opinion on the record because I did really enjoy aside from the two main tracks that are in question. However, this album falls a little shorter than I anticipated considering how much I loved Fever, but I’ll still listen to this and i think you should too before trolling on facebook.

Luke Helker


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