Hatebreed: The Divinity of Purpose

Even after a fairly long break in between records and even with the side-projects the band are involved in, metalcore titans Hatebreed are still able to release relentless, consistent, and absolutely crushing albums. The Divinity of Purpose is the newest installment to the bands catalog and is every bit as strong as anything they have to show for themselves (if not the best thus far).

Hatebreed adhere to a very simple philosophy in life and in their music: “stand your ground and fuck anyone who tries to stop you or get in your way. You are who you are and everyone else is just gonna have to deal with it.” More or less, that’s their basic creed and how their able to keep pumping out albums that don’t sound like a repetitious cycle of playing-it-safe I have no clue, but thank god they can do it because every album is always a great listen.

On 2009’s self-titled album, we saw the band start to depart from their original sound and experiment with things like clean singing and such. This album showcases some more of that as well as Jasta’s lyrical prose for being very direct and poignant. It seems as though every song is like some sort of call-to-arms and by the end of the album, you’ve already joined the fight and have claimed a few casualties of your own. Songs like “Honor Never Dies”, “Before the Fight Ends You”, “Put it to the Torch” and the title track are stormin tunes and arguably some of the best of their career.

If you can’t tell yet, I really dug that album. It’s Hatebreed though so you know you’re gonna love it and you know that when this band start touring, the place will be torn apart wherever they go and that is a stonewall fact. I’ve seen them live once before and am lucky to be able to write this review now. If you’re a fan of straightforward metal or hardcore music, there’s plenty of both in here for you (Gee, I guess that’s why the call it “metalcore”). If you don’t already know about this band then where the fuck have you been and what the fuck are you gonna do now…??!!!! (wink wink nudge nudge). Seriously, great record, great band. nuff said.

Luke Helker


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