Free Energy: Love Sign

Philadelphia’s own indie-pop band, Free Energy, have proved that they know how to conserve energy and use it wisely. The band just released their sophomore album back in January of 2this to some very positive reviews, which is great since their debut album also got very positive reviews from those in the small, but ever-growing community familiar with this band.

The new album is called Love Sign and, to me, I think it’s a very natural, healthy progression for this band as they expand their catalog and move forward. The album kicks off with “Electric Fever”, a very cowbell-driven anthem much like the first track off of Stuck on Nothing (their debut album) with the song “Free Energy.” To me, this band’s sound and style encapsulate a very upbeat, happy, eternally optimistic group of guys just looking for a good time. They simply just want to rock and do everything on their own terms.

Funny enough, that’s how I first heard about this band. There was an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about them and how they were adapting to the ever changing music industry and managing to build up a sizable audience completely on their own. Their debut album just came out and so I decided to check them out and really dug what they had to say. Everything about this band is fun welcoming; by the end you’ll be wanting to rock out with them.

Unfortunately, they’re still a fairly small band, but are managing to get around, playing a few California dates as we speak. Nevertheless, I highly recommend checking this band out if you like simplistic, pop rock riffs with a feel-good vibe that keeps you in a good mood no matter how miserable your day has been. The band now have two very solid albums with some real gems popping out including, but not limited to, “Dance All Night”, “Hangin”, and “True Love.” Do yourself a favor and check this band out.

Luke Helker


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