Bad Religion: True North

L.A. punk rock icons, Bad Religion, have chalked up another album to add their extensive back catalog (this is the band’s sixteenth album to date), but to me, that’s all this album is…just another album. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a really good album, getting well received and even broke the top 20 in the Billboard charts, but in the grand scheme of the band’s career, they’ve been sticking with a pretty consistent formula for over twenty years now. It’s not that I expect all that much either considering that they’re a punk band and that type of music isn’t necessarily meant to be groundbreaking, but after what 2012 had to offer and what some bands in 2013 might turn up, it would be nice to see the band push the envelope a little or throw us a curve ball.

For those die-hard fans out there, there’s no way you won’t dig it. It’s certainly a solid record. I’m sure you’re also glad that there even IS a record. For those confused faces out there, the band released a statement some time after 2010’s The Dissent of Man saying that  they’re going to “join the Navy, do honest work.” In 2012, they stated that they were entering the studio around June of 2012 and viola!

Admittedly, I’m not the hugest Bad Religion fan, so maybe that’s why I’m slightly apathetic towards it all. Personally, I’m quite content with listening to just The Empire Strikes First. I think that’s their best, but I also greatly enjoy, Stranger Than Fiction, Against the Grain, Recipe for Hate. True North is still, like I said, a very solid record indeed.

Check it out if you’re a die-hard fan; you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve never heard of this band before, you could start with this record, but I think Recipe for Hate might be the best reflection of the what the band are and what the band stand for. Even though it came at a critical and slightly disparate time for the band, it’s kinda become somewhat of a cult album among fans and even became the band’s highest charted album.

Luke Helker


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