Holy Grail: Ride the Void

This is the second album from power metal newcomers, Holy Grail. Formed out of the ashes of White Wizard, Holy Grail have been starting to make a new name for themselves. Combining old school metal with some death modern death metal riffs with power metal aesthetics on top, Holy Grail are Nuclear Blast’s new rising band.

Now I’m admittedly not a terribly big power metal fan and the way this band was described to me initially didn’t really do anything for me, but something made me give them a chance either way and I ended up not hating them. They’re certainly not reinventing the wheel or doing anything extraordinary, they just had a decent debut record and I liked it.

This new record just doesn’t really seem to do anything for me though for some reason. I think it’s another decent record from them and I think real fans of this band will enjoy this new album, but it didn’t quite grab me like the last album. One reason might be because I thought the stylistic power metal vocals aren’t as soaring on this record as much, but are still just as strong as ever. I also wasn’t really hooked by any of the choruses which is a hallmark of almost all power metal bands. I only listened to the album twice through, but you would think I’d still be hooked at least during the first listen.

This new album seems a lot more straightforward and the guitars are soling a lot more it seems. Overall the band is very reminiscent of Saxon’s music and it’s very clear to pick up on that listening to them. They’re music is very well balanced between the old school and the new school in terms of riffs and solos. There’s also more deathmetal growls from Santana on this record (not Carlos Santana, Eli Santana; guitar).

Again, I can’t quite say why I don’t particularly care for it other than I just wasn’t wowed by it. Maybe seeing the band live might make it all click, but i don’t plan on seeing them in the future haha.

Luke Helker


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