Dropkick Murphys: Signed and Sealed in Blood

Kicking off 2013 with a bang, we have the newest album from Boston’s finest: Dropkick Murphys! The Celt-Punks have just released their eighth studio record entitled Signed and Sealed in Blood. It’s evident in this record that the band have gotten really comfortable with their musical formula that has been solidified since 2005’s The Warrior’s Code and have not strayed far from said formula. There is little that separates this album from the other two albums in between. I prefer this album to 2011’s Going out in Style, but think that The Warrior’s Code and The Meanest of Times are better (The latter of which id the band’s best album thus far in my opinion).

The album kicks off with off with “The Boys are Back”, one of the many anthemic songs to add to their catalog and a fitting song indeed considering how I found Going out in Style to be kinda dull and unmemorable, and this new record is much stronger in that aspect. Songs on this album like “The Battle Rages On” and “Burn” also tread down past roads and are reminiscent of much older songs, while “Rose Tattoo” is a little new. It’s a mid tempo song clocking in at over five minutes, which is unlike most of Dropkick’s music, however I think “Rose Tattoo” is one of the best song’s the band has ever written.

Other than a festive, Christmas-themed song that accurately describes how everyone views their family around the holidays (“The Season’s Upon Us”), there aren’t any other truly stand-out tracks. I really liked “The Prisoner’s Song”, “Out on the Town” and “Out of Our Heads” and again I think this album is another strong addition to their catalog and I think fans both old and new with greatly enjoy this record.

Dropkick Murphys are currently on tour in Europe, but will be in North American in February and March. You can also catch Celt-Punk colleagues Flogging Molly on tour in North America currently as well. Both bands are arguably some of the best live bands around nowadays and you’re guaranteed a good time if you see the live. It’s a shame they aren’t touring together because that’s when all hell breaks loose. Oh well, next time.

Luke Helker


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