Top 5 Bands to look for in 2013!

I know it’s on the second day of the new year, but it’s already time to think about what 2013 has to offer us and what bands will make waves in their respective scene. This is a brief little list I created of five brand new bands that may make some summer festival appearances o release new promising music to keep you good folks interested.

1. Swarm of Arrows – Swarm of Arrows is sludge-doom band from Philadelphia that released their first, full-length album The Great Seekers of Lesser Life earlier in 2012. Fans of Mastodon and High on Fire will certainly be attracted to bone-crushing riffs, gut-wrenching vocals and stampeding drums. They’ve been gaining a lot of attention in the greater Philadelphia area and even some European attention, but they need your help to broaden that audience. You can find more information here:

2. Ryan Tennis – Tennis is a singer/songwriter based out of Philadelphia and has been making music and spreading his music around the area for the past few years. The release of his newest album Pack Light But Bring Everything, should hopefully help him garner more attention elsewhere. Again he needs your help to increase his fanbase and make him a bigger name. From personal experience, I’ve seen him live three different times and I think he is absolutely great. His songs are fantastic and they are well written for both solo and full ensemble performances.

3. Karybdis – London’s newest metal band will hopefully be able to make some waves in 2013. They released their debut album, From the Depths, out in 2012,  which gained them some initial attention and I think this band already started pushing the boundaries of metal and has the potential to grow even more. They have a few European gigs lined up and I’m sure more will crop up, but if you’re  fan of just metal in general, you need to get on board with this band. (

4. Just Like Vinyl – This is the new band by Thomas Erak, whose original post hardcore band, The Fall of Troy, was pivotal for that particular genre. Just Like Vinyl sounds nothing like The Fall of Troy despite the fact that Erak has resumed the role of vocalist/guitar player, which is refreshing overall in my opinion and every  bit as good as the Fall of Troy in its own little way. They released their first full length album, Black Mass, last year to some critical praise throughout and hopefully we’ll be able to see more of them this year as a result of that.

5. Chelsea Grin – Not a relatively new band like these past four that I mentioned, however the band has seen a new change of direction worth noting. Jason Richardson, formerly of Born of Osiris has since moved on to Chelsea Grin and the band have since released a new EP entitled Evolve. In my opinion, aside from the die-hard circle of fans that have been with Chelsea Grin from the beginning, not a lot of people were really turned on by this band and I don’t think they’ve necessarily improved over the years since their debut EP, but Jason’s arrival has seen the band making some progress musically. It’s obviously all thanks to Jason though because Evolve is not a bad EP at all, which is hard for me to admit, because I have some persona animosity towards Chelsea Grin. But I think the band will still carry on as always and may even get bigger and a result of this new change of direction, which begs the question, what will become of Born of Osiris? They have since gotten a new guitarist who toured with the band all of last summer, but Jason was a key songwriting element in the band. I’m not sure about the rest of the band’s contributions, but this next Born of Osiris album is crucial, but thats another discussion in and of itself.

There you go, let’s see what these bands make of 2013 and let’s see what everyone else has in store for us.

Luke Helker


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