The Unshakable Tour

Last friday, I made the mistake of going to Lancaster to see For Today headline this “Unshakeable Tour.” I wanted to go to this show because I liked most of these christian bands without necessarily believing their message and had yet to see half of them live. I wouldn’t say that it was a mistake overall, rather it was just something I shouldn’t have gone to.

The tour is sponsored by World Vision, an organization dedicated to trying to halt child slavery and human trafficking. They offer various rehabilitation efforts as well as trying to open these people up to God after enduring such trauma and trying to further help them overcome what will be forever implanted in these children. Fair enough. That’s an extremely noble cause that I support all the way.

I swear though, a majority of the people in attendance had never been to a show before because believe it or not, there are a lot of unwritten etiquette rules when going to a show that features a lot of hardcore-metalcore bands like these and most of the people in attendance never followed them. Combine that with that fact that it was wall-to-wall packed in the Chameleon Club (the most crowded it’s ever been for me) and I was fairly pissed by that fact alone.

So the first band Hundredth come on. Great hardcore band. Never seen them before; they killed it. Halfway through the singer starting giving a little speech about his experiences with God and how we can be saved etc. Having seen For Today numerous times before, I knew that bands like this liked to “preach” in between some songs in the middle of their sets. I don’t particularly care one way or another, because the messages are good even if I don’t fully believe what they believe, so it didn’t bother me. Texas in July got up, played a killer show, and preached a little too. Fine.

The next band to go up was Sleeping Giant. I had heard about them for a while, but never really listened to their music and had never seen them live. This band just pissed me off. Within a 40 minute set, they managed to preach in between every song (each is about 2-3 minutes mind you) longer than the song they just played. It was a little overkill and then the heat of the moment must have really start to get him charged up and he started spewing out a bunch of rants about how he rates a lot of this “fake christian metal” and how his music actually “speaks directly to God” unlike most bands. It got tot the point where he was basically telling me that I’m fake because I listen to this music. I’m not going to go on a retaliation rant, but it just seems funny to me that these bands try to wave this flag of tolerance, forgiveness, what-have-you, and yet he goes up denouncing all these bands. It’s a shame because when the band actually played they were really good, but I just can’t take that much preaching (I guess I’m going to Hell..).

Then people from the World Vision organization started getting up in between sets and preaching and talking about their experiences with God, etc. and coming off the back of the Sleeping Giant set, I just wasn’t having it. My mood went from annoyed to pissed off very quickly. Thankfully the next band was Impending Doom, who were the band of the night in my mind (this was my 6th time seeing For Today and having never seen any of the other bands, I wanted to gauge who was the best band of that night). Yeah they preached a little, but I was over it because they were so good. They are so heavy and they sounded like the world was imploding right there in the club. Very good show.

Finally For Today came on. They killed it because they simply don’t do bad shows. I’ve never seen a bad show from them. I was them this past summer at warped tour and between then and now they added some new tunes to their setlist. All the new songs sound great and the older ones are classics and will never die. Fun was had by all and every band was in fire, even though I’ve gotten my preaching fill for the rest of my life.

Luke Helker


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