Ryan Tennis: Pack Light But Bring Everything

I think it’s important to know that Tennis is actually a football player-turned-singer/songwriter. You would think that a football player-stereotypical jock would have no clue of what good music is or how to write it, but thank god Ryan decided to go down the musical path. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, his songs are absolutely great.

The album opens up with “Sunshine and Shade” and “I Can’t Wait”, two anthems with inspiring choruses and ideas. “Walk On” has that slow, rustic, country feel to it that really drives into the ground. “Waking Dream” open up with some a capella harmonies and then goes into a soft, mysterious tune with beautiful lyrics and thought-provoking themes. The next song brings us back into the more laid back fell of things. “Already Been Down this Road Before” is a clear cut basic blues rock tune. With a great backing band. That’s another thing about Tennis’s music. He writes these songs that feature a full band on the record, but a lot of times he goes solo on tours and having seen him perform these songs in both styles, it’s amazing how these songs are great no matter how they’re played and the different lives they take on with or without the extra instrumentation. I believe it takes a real musician to be able to write songs that have that type of effect.

“Madeline” is the big love song on this album. To be fair, a lot of these songs have a love theme to them, but this is the only one that mentions a name, which usually means something, right? The song has a great southern rock piano solo breakdown that really gives the song some vitality. The next song, “Fight Song” might be my favorite on the album. It’s super catchy, like most of these songs and really drives like no other song on the album in my opinion. I also really love the chorus.

I don’t want to go over every song on the album, just know that it’s charged with great musician’s, great songs and no reason to not love it. I would say the big tracks to pay attention to are “Sunshine and Shade”, “I Can’t Wait”, “Fight Song”, and “Huddle Up and Hold On.” Regardless, all of the songs here are amazing and I can’t recommend this album enough. Ryan is a great musician and an all around great person. Fun to talk too, very down to earth, and really loves the music he writes. Please go out and pick up this album or see him live if he comes to your area.

Luke Helker


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