Just Like Vinyl: Black Mass

Just Like Vinyl are a new project started up by former Fall or Troy frontman, Thomas Erak and I believe this is their first album as Just Like Vinyl. Being a real fan of Fall or Troy, I wish that they would reform, but after listening to Black Mass, I’m perfectly content with this  new project. The guitar work is very familiar and their overall sound is taken in the direction of bands like At the Drive-In or Coheed and Cambria, who are both awesome bands.

I have to admit, when I first saw the band name, I assumed they would be some indie band complaining about how much they hate contemporary radio music or some other hipster mantra. Thank god I was wrong, because I’d much rather listen to this any day of the week. This album is actually really killer, I just might have to go out and buy it on Vinyl rather than keep the digital copy I currently have. I was turned on to this album through one of the P.R. companies that I worked with when I photographed some of the shows this summer. These firms don’t generally share good new music, but I always like to at least give them a chance. Finally, not only is this a good band, but the album is great and I think anyone who is a fan of Coheed and Cambria, At the Drive-In, and of course, Fall of Troy, then you will absolutely love this album.

This has all been my initial reaction after one listen. I have to keep listening to it to see if it grows, but right out the gate, I’m really pleased and content with this new project. I may not be able to have the Fall of Troy around, but I’d love to see this band too. Seriously check this album out NOW!!!

Luke Helker


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