Cold Summer: Wake EP

Cold Summer are a UK post hardcore group working up the ranks to be with the big dogs. Having already supported the likes of Lemuria, released another EP prior to this one, and being mentioned in several reputable magazines, zines, and blogs, I’d say they’re on the right path.

I quite like this band. They have an old school hard rock sound with the shouting, strained vocals that have become popular today with the likes of Defeater, La Dispute, and Pianos Become the Teeth. There’s also a lot of melodic, clean-sung choruses in their music (“Car Crash (In Progress)”). It’s really more like a hardcore vocalist fronting an 80’s hard rock act. It’s edgy, the guitars wail at some points, but it’s also diverse and well-written in my opinion. I’d like to see them support some prominent American hardcore and post hardcore acts and see how the stand with them.

You can stream the band’s EP, “Wake” on their bandcamp ( and for those of you that are fans of Poison the Well, La Dispute, and/or Thursday, then I think there is something for you in Uk’s Cold Summer. Check them out!

Luke Helker



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  1. Drop me an email address mate and we will send you some more releases to review kevin native

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