The Faceless: Autotheism

This is a really strong year for all things heavy and technical. This new album by California’s technical death metal masters, The Faceless, will literally rip your face off and leave you faceless. It’s extremely heavy and a real departure from their past two albums. It’s nice for them to change the pace a little and be a bit more progressive. It’s still genuine and unique as well as undeniably the Faceless, despite what some trolls might like to say on facebook or what have you. I personally think it’s the best thing the band have done up to this point and should chart highly in my end of the year list.

The album opens up with a three song suite (if you will). Very piano driven with a lot of clean vocals but plenty of growls. In fact, I’d say there are more aggressive vocals overall, but there is a healthy balance of clean vocals in there as well. Michael’s vocals have a bit of a 90’s hard rock/grunge twinge to them, kinda like Alice in Chains. They also still have those planetary, robotic vocal effects appear frequently on the album as well. I was completely satisfied with just those first three songs though, but then there’s so much more. The album is simply killer from start to finish. The don’t sacrifice anything or anything else, they just add and add and build upon what they’ve already done and have improved their songwriting ten fold. Wes Hauch is also quickly becoming the next big thing in the technical guitar world and listening to the record makes it very clear as to why that is. It’s all very precise and calculated.

I honestly have no complaints about this album. It’s fantastic and chalks up yet another victory for Sumerian records. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them on the bill for next summer’s Mayhem Fest or something like that. They’re also still on the Summer Slaughter tour with the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Periphery, Between the Buried and Me and other fan favorites. If I had seen any of the shows, I’d talk about it but I haven’t and that makes me sad. Oh well. Better luck next time.

Luke Helker



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