200th Post Century Media Special

Since this is my 200th post, I thought I might do something special and combine these two album reviews. Both bands are proud members of the Century Media family and have released some albums to be equally proud of. Wrestling superstar and metal aficionado Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy have released Sin and Bones, the bands fifth album and the voluptuous powerhouse Maria Brink’s band In this Moment have released their fourth album entitled Blood. Here are reviews of each. Enjoy.

Fozzy: Sin and Bones

I wouldn’t say I’m a real fan. I think it’s cool that Chris Jericho has been able to make a new name for himself outside of wrestling and is a true die-hard heavy metal fan. His music doesn’t sound like just a group of guys coming together to fulfill Jericho’s rich fantasy of being in a band. They all love what they do and they’re all extremely passionate about this music. While it might not be my cup of tea, it was music better than I initially thought it would be. There’s a lot of melody, some pretty heavy riffs and the vocals soar a lot throughout. It’s got a real hard rock/80’s metal feel to it, while sounding fresh and current. For a band that has been around for quite a while, I think it’s good that they’re finally starting to get some more attention (hopefully not for the wrong reasons) and rightfully so becuase these last two Fozzy albums have been the best of their career thus far. I think they’re a perfect fit for the Century Media label and if you’re fans of any of the other bands on the label, then you’ll most likely enjoy what Fozzy bring to the table.

In This Moment – Blood

While Fozzy’s new album might be giving them some new life and new exposure, I feel this band have pretty much ruin their course. I always they would never be bigger than the already were back in 2009 when they released The Dream and I would argue that they’ve plateaued since. That album really brought them out into the open and made them a fairly big festival draw. Then Star Crossed Wasteland came out and that might have gotten them new fans and was in my opinion my favorite album of theirs, but this has just killed all their momentum. To be fair though, they never had much momentum in the first place. They were always a mid level band (not even that really) and were never destined to really break through. Overall, I found this album to be over produced and a product of Maria Brink’s ever growing oppressive hold on the band. I guess we should have seen it coming because very album shows some sort of progression towards Maria having total control. You want examples? Ok. 1) They never showed band members on the album covers until now…and it’s just Maria. 2) There are little to no shredding guitar solos that the last album featured. Maria is sinmply pissing me off now. She’s a fraud. She sings about getting down and dirty with a hint of a seductive edge, but when you see her live, she just stands there and sings. She doesn’t try and portray this wild girl image at all. In fact she does the opposite. She tries to build herself as the Alice in Wonderland of contemporary radio metal. She’s an alright vocalist, but I just don’t care anymore. There are a few decent tracks on this album, but for the most part, i wouldn’t bother with this band anymore.

There you have it folks. Unfortunately, not a lot of praise on either end of the spectrum, but hey, this is all just one guys opinion. Just listen for yourself. Enjoy.

Luke Helker


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