While She Sleeps: This is the Six

HO.LY. SHIT. I was not expecting this to come out of this band. I got While She Sleeps’ first album (which some might not even consider an album. It’s only 8 songs and so some consider it to be a mini-album) free with an issue of Metal Hammer magazine and I just thought it was alright. Nothing really new, but not quite a meat and potatoes act. While She Sleeps really stepped up their game big time and delivered a huge record. With this record, While She Sleeps are breaking the boundaries and pushing the envelope in what can loosely be described as metalcore music.

Most of you who already follow this band will have heard “Dead Behind these Eyes” because it was a free single released via facebook earlier this summer. Some of you might have also heard “Seven Hills” because they released the video for that a few weeks ago. If you’ve been waiting with bated breath to hear this rest of the album after hearing that and curious as to how the rest of the album holds up, let me assure you that it only gets better from there. Wall-to-wall bangers from start to fucking finish. It’s heavy as anything and it’s extremely aggressive, yet beautiful. The band usually through in instrumental interludes consisting of gang vocals shouting faintly over a piano solo. I know it bothers some people, but I don’t think it takes away form the album or questions their songwriting skills whatsoever. These songs are great and if we want to call this a debut album, then this is probably the best debut album in the past 5 years from a band like this.

I simply cannot stress how much I like this album and how strong this album is for my album of the year. It’s such a massive step up for this band and I think they will take 2013 by storm, especially when it comes time for summer festivals and concerts. I really want to see this band live now and see if their live performances are just as furious as these songs.

Luke Helker


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