A Lesser Hope

A Lesser Hope are a christian metalcore band hailing from Saint Louis, MO and spreading the word of god with every song. The band released their debut album, The Rise in July of 2012 and I have had the great pleasure of listening to it. I’m not very religious, but there are some christian metal band that make me feel oddly spiritual when I listen to them. A Lesser Hope is one of the bands. Combining complex, chugging guitar riffs with melodic vocals and an influential message, A Lesser Hope are one of the best bands in this genre to emerge in the last couple of years.

I could be totally wrong, but it seems to me that being a self-proclaimed christian metal or hardcore band is becoming more of a cool thing to do and is slowly starting to become over-saturated and over-populated with bands that don’t truly believe in what they are doing and are just coming up with run-of-the-mill material just so they have an in. This is the same for every genre of music, but I just feel that I’ve been seeing a lot more bands with the “christian-metal” banner under their name appear a lot more in recent years. Again, I could be missing something because I don’t a whole lot of attention there, but for the sake of continuing this review, lets just press on as is.

I wouldn’t say A Lesser Hope are doing anything new or reinventing the genre in any way, but I would say that they are doing it better than anyone I’ve heard in a long time. To me, they are right up there with War of Ages and As I Lay Dying. You can tell they really believe in what they are doing because the songs are just so good and at the end of the day, they write good songs and that’s all you need, regardless of what message you’re trying to convey. This band has a lot of potential and are on the right track to big success. They just need a bigger following and a larger fan base to support them. So go check them out whether you believe in god or not. They will certainly welcome you with open arms either way.

Luke Helker


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