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Posted in Album Reviews on August 7, 2012 by lukesreviews1014

Hailing from the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, E.N.V.Y. are a rap-metal band with a very quirky sound. Whether they mean to sound that way or not, I think they’ve got a very interesting sound. They’re recently released debut EP features six tracks, all original and all catchy. It starts off fairly heavy with some catch riffs and angsty rap vocals. While ┬ádon’t think the rapping is the strongest feature to this bands music, I wouldn’t tell them to get rid of it entirely. It’s got that pissed-off-teenager-immature-Limp-Bizkit lyrical style to it, which I think is both goofy, but cool.

With a little work, all of these songs could be really hard-hitting singles worthy of launching this band onto the next level. I really like all of the songs on this EP and I think this band has a real potential to be a bigger name. Nu-metal has become a bit of a dirty word nowadays, but it seems as though bands like Hollywood Undead and Emmure are trying to make rap and metal music still a tangible form of music as well as the old guard who still make records like Limp Bizkit and Spineshank. I think the biggest problem this band will face is people thinking of this band as being some sort of joke band and not taking them seriously.

Check this band out if you like all of that rap-rock, rap-metal music.

Luke Helker