Feed the Rhino: The Burning Sons

I knew it was too good to be true. There were too many awesome bands coming out with awesome records in 2012. I knew that once a band came out with a slightly disappointing record, it would hurt hard. For a band that was making exceptional waves over the past two years and releasing an amazing debut album, I just don’t think this new Feed The Rhino album really does justice compared to what everyone else is doing in 2012.

The biggest problem I have with it would be the production. I think they were trying to make it sound more raw; like four guys jamming in a room and I guess the achieved that in essence. However, I feel like it makes their overall sound much thinner than Mr. Red Eye. I feel the vocals suffer the most from this. That and I honestly just don’t think all the songs are all that great. The album starts off very aggressive and strong, but doesn’t end quite as strong. “Flood the System”, “Nothing Lost” and the title track kick off the album on a high note, but if it weren’t for “Left for Ruins”, the rest of the album would not have too many redeeming qualities. Mr. Red Eye was almost wall-to-wall bangers and The Burning Sons just has a few standout tracks.

Thankfully, this band are apparently a killer live band because that’s what will save them in the end. As long as they keep up their intensity, then this will prove to be just a speed bump. I think the band will somehow redeem themselves. The could certainly start by coming to America to tour. That would be sweet. Unfortunately, this album doesn’t quite reach the bar set by most of the band releasing records tis year. It’s disappointing, but at least I have plenty of great albums to listen to in its place.

Luke Helker


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