The Contortionist: Intrinsic

Technical deathcore band The Contrtionist’s sophomore album Intrinsic is out now and will probably shock you. They changed a lot on this record and compared to their debut album, Exoplanet, you might not even think it’s the same band. But it is and good thing to because it’s a fantastic album. The band really matured a lot on this album and they seem much more focused. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the band before and to be honest, I’m still not completely into this band, but I think this new album is ten times better than their debut.

What may shock and/or surprise you about this record is that there are a lot more clean vocals than aggressive ones. In fact, the guitars are much cleaner throughout. The album is much more of a prog metal record than a technical deathcore record, but it’s still very heavy when it gets to those parts, but overall it’s much more thought out and well-written. Songs like “Feedback Loop” will allow listeners to be comfortable with the heavy riffs as well as the new spacey, atmospheric shifts in sound (There was also a little marimba solo hidden in there, so I enjoyed that a lot. The marimba is now officially a metal instrument!). Other standout tracks include “Casualty”, “Cortical”, and “Geocentric Confusion.” The band prove that they can properly meld more complex textures and arrangements with gripping and brimming soundscapes and moods.

Overall, there’s not much else to say that besides the face that it’s a huge departure for the band, I think they pulled it off rather well. They’re proving their versatility on this record, which means we’ll probably see them for a while, trying new things and trying to stay fresh and relevant. I think this is a great record. Not my favorite of the year, but I applaud them for making the leaps that they did. Well done.

Luke Helker


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