Morse Coda at The Chameleon Club

On Saturday, I trekked across the world from my temporary summer home in south Jersey back to my home away from in Lancaster so that I could see my mates from Millersville in the band Morse Coda perform at the Chameleon Club in downtown Lancaster.

This summer is proving to be quite interesting and exciting for this band. They’ve been playing a lot of gigs around the Philly area and have even snagged a few gigs in the Brooklyn, New York areas too. Their fan base is growing slowly but surely and they’re getting better with every show. I haven’t been able to see any of the shows from earlier this summer, but saturday’s show was fucking amazing…and the album isn’t even out yet! They were supposed to release their debut album late in June, but have since parted ways with Keyboard player Sam Krepps (don’t worry they left on good terms. He’s off doing bigger and better things) and decided to rerecord the album and plan on releasing it in November.

I gotta be honest though, I think four is proving to be the lucky number for this band. I never quite understood the role of the keyboard in their show because they weren’t that prevalent in the live scene, but the keyboard flairs are much more noticeable on the recorded tracks of their songs. Now Ryan has started coming out of his shell and is shredding like a mother fucker. That guy is seriously the best guitar player I know and with every show he’s coming out a little more. By the time this record comes out, he’ll be a guitar god (not that he’s not one already). I’m also seeing Ben Young stepping out a bit more too. They played a song that he wrote back in his old band that involved him switching guitar/bass with Ryan and stepping up to the mic as well. It’s a beautiful song that’s well written and I hope they record it for the record. Brian Doherty is still kicking it both literally and figuratively and Michael James is still captivating audiences and singing his heart out.

This is a band that give 100% all night every night and their hard work is paying off because you can hear them starting to connect more as a band. They may be minus one member, but they’re sound sounds just as big, if not bigger and fuller and more refined. To me, this show proved that the band have enormous potential and are ready to take on the world. I can’t wait for the record to come out and I’m sure if it comes out within the 2012 year, it’ll be high in my end-0f-the-year album list. I seriously cannot speak highly enough about this band not just because they’re my friends, but because I really believe in what they do and I think they do it so well and I know they will be massive. Keep up the good work guys! Below are some pictures from the show. I hope you enjoy.

Luke Helker


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