P.O.D.: Murdered Love

It’s been quite a while since P.O.D. have been a viable entity in the music world. In fact, I’m sure most people under the age of 25 can’t remember a time when P.O.D. sold millions of records and was a big name in the nu-metal realm. I was probably just as surprised as most of the people in this world were when they heard that this band were back again. Murdered Love is the band’s eighth studio record  and I thought it was the best thing the band have done since Payable on Death (Which by the way is the official name of the band if you weren’t already aware).

P.O.D. were never the best nu-metal band and never had an album that properly asserted themselves in the genre. They’ve certainly made a dent in the community, but never were as big as they may have deserved to be. To most people, this band was mediocre at best and was a poor representation of what nu-metal was and with singles like “Boom”, it’s not hard to see why. I however have always had a bit of a soft spot for this band. Nu-metal for me has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure genre for me. I like a lot of bands in the genre, but have a hard time defending them musically. I just like the combination of hip hop beats and heavy guitars. For example, I like Limo Bizkit, but I think they’re an absolute joke of a band. They’re so ridiculous, they’re brilliant. I kinda feel the same about P.O.D. I got into them through “Youth of the Nation”, which I think is a great song and I really started to like this band. I love Payable on Death and I really like Satellite as well. The last two albums were pretty lackluster to say the least and I think that’s why most people thought the band had disappeared.

Murdered Love though is pretty decent. It features the original lineup and was produced by Howard Benson, who last produced The Fundamental Elements of Southdown. I was surprised at how heavy the first few tracks were. “Eyez” and “Murdered Love’ are huge tunes that are really heavy and in the spirit of the band when they were at their peak. “On Fire” and “Lost in Forever” are also real bangers. The album is not perfect though and kinda dips at points, but I think most people will agree that this is a really strong effort from this band and it might just get people talking about this band again. I’ve obviously never gotten the chance to see them live, but after hearing this album, I wouldn’t mind seeing them play some of these tracks. I don’t think it’ll make my Top 20 of the year list, but it’s definitely something I’ll try to put in steady rotation.

Luke Helker


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