Bury Tomorrow: The Union of Crowns

At this point, I’m pretty tired and sick of all these metalcore bands and new waves of metalcore bands like Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive, etc. Some are alright, but even diehard metalcore fans are sick of all these bands. Thankfully, Bury Tomorrow are one of the better new metalcore bands to come out of the past few years. The Union of Crowns is the bands sophomore effort and is absolutely fantastic. I’ve never heard a band that was that heavy mix the clean and aggressive vocals so well together. The clean vocals aren’t poppy and so the metalcore vocal combination just sounds right.

Opening up with an absolute rager of a tune, “Redeemer” sets the pace for the rest of the album and the band certainly deliver. The album is filled to brim with great tunes to keep the listener engaged and interested all the way through. With enough balls to the wall metal for any straightforward metal fan, and enough clean vocal melody for the more accessible metal fan, I think Bury Tomorrow will gain a much larger audience thanks to this album.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that this band are innovating the metalcore genre, but I think they are doing it better than most bands in metalcore today, which is just as important because this genre is becoming very stagnant and repetitive and needs some bands to remake the rules. I think Bury Tomorrow have the potential to be one of those bands.

Luke Helker


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