Abandon All Ships: Infamous

For me, this album comes highly anticipated. I’m a real fan of the first album even though I know I shouldn’t. The band is a guilty pleasure for me that I’m not guilty about at all though. I think this band are great. The excessive use of vocoder is extremely cheesy, but I thought they pulled it off really well on the first album and that’s what hooked me from the start. Say what you want about this band, but you can’t argue that their music is almost devilishly catchy.

When I first heard the new single “Infamous” I knew I would like the album. It’s so unashamedly ridiculous it’s quite good. Most people won’t feel the same way obviously. Lots of people will probably think that this is the worst band ever with no redeeming qualities. But there are plenty of people like me that think they’re so corny that they should be taken seriously (if that makes sense).

Anywho, this new album like the last album, but taking everything and blowing up with it. More vocoders, more breakdowns, more aggressive vocals, more ballad-y moments, more more more!! I really enjoyed it and I think most people will at least enjoy it even if you aren’t truly a fan. This album might convert some people though. Hey, it could happen.

This album features some other guest vocalists like the first album did. rapper A Game joins the band for a spot on the track “Infamous”, Liferuiner vocalist Jonny OC is a guest as well as XbikerackX. Apart from that, the album is all bells and whistles with little substance, but that’s what I like about them. For being Canadian, they’re quite good at what they do.

Luke Helker


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