Nile: At The Gate of Sethu

Death metal legends Nile are back with their seventh album, At the Gate of Sethu. Not being the biggest Nile fan, I’m not sure I’ll do this review justice, but I shall do my best.

I thought it was a good album, but I wouldn’t extend more beyond that. It was brutal and very fast paced, like any other Nile album, and I prefer that to some of the droning and slower songs on the last record, Those Whom the Gods Detest. Nile are a very consistent band though and this album is another link in a long and prosperous chain that has been around since 1993. This album in particular is very straightforward and in your face. The production is sketch though. Some people think it’s just poor vocals, but I think that poor production is behind this. Unfortunately, this band is no stranger to poor production and  has had to deal with such issues all their career. I don’t think this is the best album production-wise, but it’s not the worst thing to happen to the band.

I think that if you’re a fan of the band or even just a casual fan like myself, you’ll still greatly enjoy this album. It’s not perfect, but it still has plenty to offer like killer drums, Egyptian/Middle Eastern themes (they haven’t lost that yet), breakneck speeds, monolithic riffs, and some great tunes (I quite like “The Friends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased” and “When My Wrath is Done”). A good effort, but considering what loads of other bands are doing in 2012, Nile kinda needed to step up their game for this one.

Luke Helker


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