The Offspring: Days Go By

Here we have a band that has been in the game since the 80’s. From 1984-1987 they were known as Manic Subsidal. In 89  they became The Offspring and the rest is history.

This is the band’s ninth album now, and I can’t help but feel that the relevance of the band is decaying faster and faster with every song on the album. The song’s aren’t necessarily bad. It’s still got that signature quirky sound, but there’s a lot of experimentation to it and overall, a very underwhelming album. I mean, this band is responsible for influencing the likes of Blink, Paramore, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Linkin Park, as well as many others. But notice that most of these bands experienced a heyday and have since died out now or stopped making good music. And these guys are still trying to push forward and be relevant. These guys are all in their fifties now and I’m glad that they can still write good music and tour, but it comes to a point where you need to move on or stop or something because I don’t think people really care anymore. The music they did in the 90’s is what we’ll remember them by…not “California Cruisin’.”

Like I  said, I didn’t hate the album, but I was not excited or truly wowed by it. The first few tracks were god, but it sounds like they’re trying to be Rise Against (oddly enough, a band that have had a relatively long career, but haven’t worn themselves out like these guys). I also don’t blame them for all of the experimentation they did and I’m sure that if they pulled it off and the songs were much better, this would be a completely different review. However, that’s not the case and so we just have to deal with what we’ve got. I think Rise Fall, Rage and Grace is the last good thing that the band have done and probably will remain their last great musical effort.

I think it would have been better for 2012 if they had broken up about a decade or so ago, and then come back this year for a big tour of their old stuff and then maybe put out an album like Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace (remember, if my scenario were true, that album would not have come out in the first place) and have that as their last or something. Just a thought. Not a bad album, but not a great album.

Luke Helker


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