Maroon 5: Overexposed

Should be called overrated. I can’t stand this band anymore and in the wake of the hype generated from “Moves Like Jagger”, this album is just a rushed, bland and paper-thin pice of shit of a record. All Adam does is go “Oh-ohoo-oh-oh-ohoo-oh” in any random sequence nowadays and STILL sells thousands.

To many people, this may be seen as ‘hipster’, but frankly I don’t give a fuck because it’s a stonewall fact. Their first album was the best thing the band ever done and it’s the only thing worth listening to by this band. When you think about it, every band’s first record is usually their best because you have your whole life to write it. Some bands get better with every record  (for the most part), and other bands just get worse and worse. Maroon 5 is a perfect example of that in my opinion. I personally think that Songs About Jane is a near flawless, brilliant piece of work. Then after five years of jerking each other off, they came up with It Won’t be Soon Long Before (I don’t even know what the fuck that means) followed swiftly by Hands All Over and now this. I mean, how can people actually believe that this is an improvement from what they used to do?

And what’s up with this whole Mick Jagger hype? First Ke$ha references him in a song, and everyone goes crazy saying she’s his daughter, and then Maroon 5 comes up with a song about him, and there are people who love that song that still don’t know who Mick Jagger is? Are you fucking kidding me?? How can you not know who he is?? He’s only one of the greatest, most influential singer/songwriter’s of our time without which, half of the band’s you hear today would exist. It’s fucking disgraceful.

I just think this band have completely pissed on the career they could have made for themselves and completely pissed on that debut record. There is no substance to their music anymore and all they do is bring in guest artists to help sell their shitty singles. And it’s only the singles that feature guest artists; nothing else. This band has become nothing more than a record label’s wet dream and have completely thrown away all respect that I used to have for them as songwriter’s and as musician’s. I could go on for days about how much I hate this band, but i think you get the point. Don’t waste your money on this.

Luke Helker


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