Linkin Park: Living Things

Admittedly, after hearing the horrible reviews of the band’s last record, I didn’t want to hear this one because it’s such a huge disappointment that a band that used to be so good and that sold more records than any other band of the last decade, could just go so sour. But I still decided that this record deserved a fair listen and an even chance just like any other record. However, the album gives me nothing positive to really talk about.

The band have done nothing but try to expand and polarize their sound since 2007’s Minutes to Midnight and in turn, have simply not written anything decent or worth listening to. And to think that this album just recently bumped Justin Bieber off the charts for No. 1…rock music is in a very sad and fractured state. I would applaud them for going in different directions and experimenting with their sound, but they just haven’t written anything good, which means you need to keep changing until you find something new that everyone likes and they haven’t. So what’s the point?

I think it’s a little better than A Thousand Suns, but still very much a cousin to what that album was all about. With Minutes to Midnight, I came to accept that we wouldn’t get and anguished, guitar-driven anthems that the first two albums provided. Now I guess, those two albums are all I have really to remember them by and I guess I can live with that.

Luke Helker



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